Copy of Thursday Night Adventure Ride

It's that time of year again, time for the Solstice Century! THERE WILL BE NO FORMAL B GROUP THIS WEEK! If you wish to meet and make up a route feel free. There will be a C-group heading out at 6 pm. BRING LIGHTS!!!

A-Group: Solstice Century - 62 miles, 2200' of climbing, 20+ mph. BRING LIGHTS IT MAY GET DARK!!! 


C-Group: Leaving at 6 pm- Goggins Road over West Mountain from Lake George"
 Start: Right onto Elm St. out of Gray Ghost Parking Lot; Left onto Sherman Ave.; Right onto Crandall St.; Right onto Grant Ave.; cross Glen St. onto Sanford St.; left onto Bay St. and left onto the Bikeway. Ride the Bikeway to Old Military Road at bottom of hill from Magic Forest; Left on Old Military Rd. and continue to Route 9 (do not take right down bikeway). Left on Route 9; Right onto 9N at the traffic light toward Luzerne. Left onto Goggins Rd. at ADK Building, and continue up and over the mountain on Goggins Rd. (the ride down is a fun descent, but watch for broken pavement) toward Gurney Lane.  Near the bottom of the hill, turn Right onto Old West Mt. Rd.; then right onto West Mountain Rd. Continue to Sherman Ave.; Left onto Sherman Ave.; Right onto Elm St. and return to Gray Ghost. 15+ miles, some challenging hills but not too bad. Beautiful Ride and a great ride up and down Goggins Rd.!