Thursday Night Adventure Ride

Hopefully the weather holds off tonight! This weeks routes will take the A and B groups out towards Hartford, through Washington County. The C-group will stick a little closer to home. All groups leave from the shop at 6 pm.

A-Group: Hartford Loop - 43 miles, 2300' of climbing @ 17-19 mph

B-Group: Hartford B Loop - 34 miles, 1700' of climbing @ 15-17 mph

C-Group: North from Glens Falls and into Washington County to enjoy a quiet ride along scenic rural roads. From the parking lot:  Right on Elm St.; left onto Sherman Ave.; right onto Crandall St.; & right onto Grant Ave.  Cross Glen St. onto Sanford St., and continue across Bay St. to Ridge St. Left onto Ridge St. Ride north (about 2 miles) continuing on Ridge across Quaker Rd (Rte. 254). Right onto Chestnut Ridge Rd.; left onto Sanford’s Ridge Rd.; right onto Vaughn Rd., left on County Route 36. Right onto Rock City Rd., right on Wood Rd., left on Geer Rd.; right onto Underwood Rd. Continue on Tracy Rd. - Casey Rd. - Hicks Rd., to Ridge Rd. Left onto Ridge Rd. & continue on Ridge back into Glens Falls.  Right onto Washington St., cross Bay & Glen St. to Sherman Ave.; left on Elm St. & back to the parking lot.