Thursday Night Adventure Road Ride

Come and join us at 6pm for a fun but challenging road ride on all types of roads. Our goal is to explore the roads less traveled, both dirt and paved.

A-Group: Route- TBD, Pace- 18-19mph

B-Group: Route- Mount McGregor Climb , 31 miles, 1500' of climbing, Pace- 14-16 mph, This week will be a challenging climb up Mt. McGregor in Wilton. This is a nice steady climb with little traffic on it. 

Thursday Night Adventure Ride

Come join us as we explore new roads and different areas. This ride is all about getting out of your comfort zone and onto something new. A-group will be heading out at 6pm until dark on a TBD route @ 18-19mph. The B-group this week will be heading out around 30-35 miles @ 15-17mph. Come one out and join us!!


A route: TBD

B route: Wilton Loop