Thursday Night Adventure Ride

For tonight's ride we will head south towards wilton/Greenfield.

A-group will head over Spire Falls and down to Green rd then north and along Old Saratoga rd to Butler and home.

B-group will head down the SGF Bike path to rt9, Old Saratoga rd to Parkhurst, over Gailor rd to Traver, then North rd. Heading towards Gansevoort to Selfridge and back home.


A-Group: Spire To Green 37 miles @ 16-19 mph

B-Group: Wilton Loop 32 miles @ 14-16 mph

C-Group: Ride is about 15-20 miles; average speed, 12 mph.  Tentative route plan is to ride out to Lake George via Bay Rd; then along Route 9L to Lake George Village; and back along the Bike Path to Grey Ghost.